TEMPO’s energy efficiency saves thousands of dollars compared to a traditional spray booth that costs between $8.00 - $11.00 per vehicle just to bake it.

Engineered from the ground up, Spray Booth Technology Limited (STL) developed the TEMPO in the UK in partnership with leading paint manufacturers. Designed specifically to help bodyshops make fast and efficient processing of high quality express repairs a commercial reality, the results have been astonishing with throughput up and operating costs down.

With an established track record of decreasing operating costs and increasing throughput, the TEMPO System has seen tremendous success with MSO Chains, Automotive Dealerships, High Volume Lease-Return Programs and Auto Auction Repair Centers. The TEMPO System is also being adopted in leading paint manufacturers training centers to showcase and train with this technology. The TEMPO, especially within the TEMPO SYSTEM, will be the next must have to achieve the goals of today’s and tomorrow’s shops.

Tempo Technology Systems, Inc. has partnered with STL & the TEMPO is the heart of our TEMPO SYSTEM. The TEMPO is US Patented and ETL Listed & is being manufactured in America by and available exclusively through Tempo Technology Systems Inc.. This innovative marvel truly is the next generation solution to keep shops competitive in the marketplace.

“The process is very slick - you repair the cars where they sit and finish them where they sit, moving the spraybooth along as each job is complete. It’s the height of efficiency and a great example of Lean processing.”

Mark Baldwin - Director East Bliney Coachworks Group Ltd.

Tempo Features

  • Designed for new paint technology – UV, IR, & Low Temperature Cure
  • Multiple Process Layouts to Individual Customer Needs
  • Aquadry System for Waterborne Paints
  • Fast Process of up to 18 Cars Per Day
  • ETL Listed, OSHA, & EPA Compliant
  • UV Protected Roller Doors
  • One Stop Work Station
  • 1400 LUX LED Lighting
  • Built in Infra Red units
  • Lean Process Control

Why Tempo Technology Systems?

Tempo enables high quality sub 24 hour repairs.
Cost Effective
TEMPO offers one of the lowest energy consumption & running costs.
Requires fewer technicians and the use of multiple bays gives exibility and ensures low key to key times.
Ideal for use where space is at a premium. TEMPO utilizes just 25% of traditional of traditional spray floor space.
Green Technology
Our System uses the highest technology all electric Infra Red and UV Equipment. No need to plumb gas or locate a propane tank grounds.
Enabling rapid implementation and delivery of express repairs, repair costs can be reduced to just $1.39 per job. TEMPO customers see a Rapid Return on Investment.

Tempo Technology System Program Equipment

Designed for ultimate energy efficiency TEMPO achieves the lowest cost per spray operation recirculating during all paint operations.

With our AquaDry system you get the fastest and best results from Waterborne or Solvent based paint.

Industry leading features abound in the TEMPO with our patented LED positive pressure lighting providing a shadow free paint environment.

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